Driving For Vacants

Below we will give you tips to successfully drive for vacants. What to look for, what to not look for, and how to get paid.

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Driving for vacant/abandoned properties is easy, and many times it is something you are already doing!  Watch the video to see what to look for, and read through the information below to get started! If you have any additional questions or need more help, reach out to the person who referred you to this page, or email us directly at Contact@soshomebuyers.com


When driving around, you are looking for obvious signs of vacancy. You are looking for vacant/abandoned single family homes. 

  • Boarded up windows/doors
  • Piled up mail
  • Piled up newspapers
  • Smashed out windows
  • High grass
  • Code violation stickers
  • Condemned stickers
  • Old door hangers, only on one door and no other houses on the street
  • Clearly empty houses
  • Trees down in driveway

Example of what a code violation sticker looks like, although their are different types, so different cities may vary, but generally speaking the image below is what they will look like. You will see these types of stickers/papers posted on doors & windows. Look for words like Violation to confirm.

Code Violation Sticker Examples, you will see these types of stickers/papers posted on doors & windows. Look for words like Violation to confirm.


When driving around, you are NOT looking for: 

  • Homes that have a for sale sign in the yard
  • Homes that are in perfect condition
  • Homes that people live at
  • Homes with a lockbox on the door
  • Homes that are listed with an agent
  • Homes that have a dumpster in the front (sign someone else is already rehabbing it.)


Some Additional tips that will help you.

- Talk to neighbors who are outside. Ask them "Hey do you know anything about this house?" Many times neighbors can give you a lot of information about a property and they are usually willing to help. Sometimes, they even give you the owner's phone number. Neighbors don't want vacant houses in their neighborhood because it brings their property value down.

- If you drive around on trash day, you can see all of the properties that do not have their trash can pulled out. This means they are either on vacation, are vacant or have no trash! It is an easy way to see which properties are vacant.

- If there are alleys, driving around the back of houses can many times give more signs of vacancy. If you can see the backyard or back of the house, this usually helps show if a property is vacant/abandoned or not.


This is the fun part! When you have found a vacant/abandoned property that fits the criteria above send the address with any notes for example:

Example of what to send:

123 Candy Lane 63123 (windows boarded up, mail piling up)

456 Kit Kat Road 64577 (high grass, neighbors said property has been vacant for two years)

You can email or text or facebook message these properties to whoever sent you to this training, or you can submit the property address to contact@househunterjob.com

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